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Honoring the Legacy: Reflecting on MLK Jr.'s Passion for Humanity

While sitting here on this snowy day I'm remembering a great civil rights legend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I think about the great humanitaran that he was and the life of service that he lived. I can only hope that our lives will reflect such service and humanitarianism to our brothers. If there were more true humanitarians, the world would be a better place.

Shout out to all of you who have answered the call to serve.

Dr. King said anybody can be great because anyone can serve. This sentiment resonates universally. So let's be great in our public service, in our places of worship, in our careers, in our homes, and certainly in our physical & mental health.

Reflect on these areas in the days to come, for it's your service that truly defines your greatness!

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