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Mental Health Awareness 
& Suicide Prevention



In 2010, Kymara was diagnosed with a mental illness. In 2014, her 19 year old son, D’Andre was also diagnosed with a mental illness and three months later, he died by suicide. After this devastation, Kymara knew she had work to do to educate others about the signs and symptoms of mental illness and suicide.


Kymara passionately and authentically shares her journey of resilience, healing and hope. With her lived experiences and crisis intervention training, she inspires audiences to live forward, take care of themselves so they can be present for others. Kymara believes the more we talk about these issues, the more educated we become and the more we will normalize the conversation and rid the stigma around mental health issues.

Mental Health
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Mental  Health  Tips:

  • Don’t Suffer Alone, Help is Available 24/7 Dial or Text 988 for the Crisis & Suicide LifelineSuicide is Preventable. If someone you know is suffering, talk to them. Please don’t avoid the conversation. Talking Saves Lives!

  • The stigma of mental illness can make you feel isolated. There is no shame in seeking help. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

  • If taking care of yourself means letting someone down, it's okay. Selfcare is important for your mental health. Be kind to yourself.

  • Suicide is preventable, because talking saves lives.

Kymara's story is an inspiring account of how she has turned her pain into purpose. By sharing her story, she hopes to raise mental health awareness and prevent suicide. Learn more about Kymara and why she has dedicated her life to mental health advocacy as she shares her personal journey and experiences.


Gathering correct and applicable knowledge is key for all of my speaking events, here are a few of the reputable resources whom I gain knowledge from.

National Institute of Mental Health

American Foundation 
for Suicide Prevention


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare System

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